Ecojet is the first independent electric sprayer with continuous jet. With our sprayer, you are able to spray products or clean with low pressure by just dipping a hose and his suction strainer in any kind of container.

Ecojet can reach 10 meters long, which will help you to treat easily and safely trees and roofs. 
Ecojet can be used in many fields : agriculture, garden, house, cleaning, maintenance, etc. 

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Kit Power sprayer classic
1 battery
Kit Power sprayer classic
2 batteries
Kit Power sprayer
Anti-foam concentrated
Kit ecojet 1 batterie Kit Ecojet 2 batteries  Kit Ecojet proline Anti-mousse
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Some samples of use of the power sprayer Ecojet ...

Appuis de fenêtres    nettoyage de mobile-home    Traitement de charpentes    nettoyage voiture

Cleaning windowsills

Cleaning de Mobile-Home Wood treatments Cleaning vehicles
jardin Nettoyage vérandas, carports, etc. soins des chevaux Application anti-mousse
Garden treatments

Cleaning of shelters, verandas etc ...

Traitements vétérinaires, soins Veterinary treatment, care
Entretien climatiseurs Dessalage bateau Entretien camping-car Isolation des combles
Maintenance of air conditioners

Cleaning boats

Cleaning Camping-Car

Loft insulation